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Reviews for SNAKE DANCE                               


The premise of this novel was really good…  As much as I like to try different genre's of books, the sci-fi genre is one of the hardest for me to get into.   Again, good and evil was in the mix and some of the writing was extremely spicy, even though we are referring to animals. ~ Joanne


Barnes and Noble:  5 Stars

Different! Fabulous! Sensuality at its best. If you like a different type of read, read this one.  ~ TF


Justme Joanne Review

Reviwed by: Joanne


We are entered into a world of fowl and adders & asps living in turmoil from each other. There is a definite separation between the two worlds.

The ruler of the fowls is expecting the birthing of his descendant and is shocked to find that he is of the adder genre and is therefore banished for life to Raffia, the continent of the banished.

There is a second birthing to which everyone is in attendance. The birthing is of wRen, the most perfect specimen to be found in the pod. She has been claimed by the ruler as his for mating, when she is old enough to do so.

wRen is of an independent nature and does not want to be claimed by the ruler. She has an encounter with veIper, the banished descendant, and falls immediately in love with him.
We are told about some very evil happening between the rulers and some of the female fowl that inhabit their continent. wRen wants to let people know what is going on, but knows that to let others know, would be pointless.

The book is a good example of good versus evil and the language, at first hard to understand, becomes easier to meld into. As you continue reading, you learn that most of the sci-fi language is getting easier and more understandable to read.





I couldn’t put this book down.  It took me to a totally new world with bold descriptive phrases and quick pacing.  I didn’t want the story to end, and hope there will be more from this universe.  ~ Stella Plesh