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Excerpt from Steel Embrace 


Steel’s features remained rigid. She didn’t belong here. She seemed

clueless. Of what? And if our lifestyle wasn’t her true nature, she could end

up hurt. Considering the obvious terror, it wouldn’t take much to spook her

away despite his strange urge to make her stay. He sensed something utterly

submissive about her, yet there was that strength she displayed with Mave,

an inner resilience, possibly born of promises broken and past abuse. Yet, he

found her tugging at the dominant in him. It unnerved him, and he didn’t like

being unnerved. It would be best to simply send her away. Perhaps if things

were different he wouldn’t feel this way, but they weren’t different. His life

had been upended and she was adding to that upheaval.


Fawn took Raina’s wrist and walked to the corner. Fawn spoke in

hushed tones.  This allowed Steel’s thoughts to drift. It had been four months since he took possession of his brother’s club. Before that, Steel had been the silent partner. Then to complicate things Titane disappeared, leaving a note saying he needed time away. Steel took charge to both protect himself but more so his brother, Titane.


This wasn’t the first time his brother had distanced himself from

reality, but his timing was dreadful. Steel believed Titane wouldn’t have so

abruptly left with their father’s health failing so rapidly from leukemia.

Something was awry. Titane wasn’t the type to abandon his responsibilities,

his remaining thrall and his family, without at least leaving some contact

information. Since his brother had mostly associated with club members,

someone had to know Titane’s whereabouts. Steel, under the subterfuge of

managing the daily business, was also clandestinely unraveling that mystery.

What scared Steel the most, though, was that he couldn’t help wondering if Titane’s absence had anything to do with the artist’s murder. Was his brother the murderer? Steel believed it had to be someone else. So then was his brother fleeing? Fleeing for his life? Did he know something?


The incident happened over a hundred miles away, but the girl wasn’t just

any artist, she was also one of Titane’s thralls, his favorite.