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Excerpt from Book Nookie 

She  worked  late, studied, hid in the library stacks and read.  "I think tonight I shall toy with the fantasy of being a  rich  debutante,  Clare,  and  my  father,  a  baron,  who  had hired a virile stable boy.  " She read out loud the book's inside blurb  then looked at  the salacious  cover, "He's  far less  the boy and much more the stunning man."


"Thank you," rang a response.


Kathryn turned. "May I help you?" she asked.


"Might I ye?"


"Who are you?"


The  handsome  dark haired  man,  a  crescent  scar filling  his left  cheek,  wore a  linen  unbuttoned,  sleeveless shirt that displayed massive  arms, while stomach  muscles rippled   beneath   bronzed   skin.   With   canted   head, he winked, "Don't ye know?"