Box: Angelica Hart and Zi
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seduction               deceit                honor                suspense           darkness                lust
ache             joy               forever                   love                 courage              struggles
            fantasy                                                                                                                                    Believe me I want you.....  to read ~ Zi    






I totally got caught up in Elizabeth’s chase of Nathan.  I read it in one sitting, and the ending was indeed a shocker.  I look forward to reading more from Angelica and Zi.  ~  Tara Brent

Great read and flowed like romantic poetry.  The ending had a great twist, and it is a book I’d read again and again.  ~  Florence A.

Wow, what can I say? This book filled me with a sense of wonder and eager anticipation. I turned each page anxious for the answers I sought after. The mystery of Chasing Yesterday completely captivated me and held me until the end. I loved it and consider this book a must read.  ~ by Cathy C.  (Amazon)

Goodreads:  Madelon ~ 4 stars

Goodreads:  Angelica ~ 5 stars