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I just wanted to let you know I loved the book Killer Dolls. You both did a wonderful job with it and I had a hard time putting it down the first time I started reading it. I started reading the book at midnight when I went to bed I thought I would just read a few pages at first but it kept me so interested it was hard to put it down and all I could think of was when I would have time to read the rest of it the next day. I was telling my mom about it today and I gave it to her to read. You both are so talented and have such a gift. Thank you again.
                       Sincerely, Sue (MARK IV)


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Reviewed by: Heather

For me, the book had a slow start but after the first chapter I was hooked, line and sinker.  The character development at the beginning was a little wordy and used lots of big words for poor tired brain at the end of the day.  I know some readers love that!  I did fall in love with the characters.  Letti Noel and Taut Johnson are hard not to love; I enjoyed the development of their character as they came together in a budding romance.  I was so glad that this book didn’t go where some books go where they keep suspecting an innocent bystander like Letti even though all the evidence points the other way.  Letti is so innocent and pure, and it shines through her character.  I was rooting for her the entire novel.  I secretly wish the ending was developed more so I could know more but that is just me being selfish with wanting to know every detail of the lives of the characters after the ordeal was over.  Like I said, I love the characters.  Pick up this romantic suspense novel for a good thrill.




I found writer Angelica Hart in 2005 when I reviewed her mystery, The Darkness Within. I was intrigued by her ability to blend romance, mad scientists, and supernatural beings into a good story that had definite spiritual overtones. Hart’s latest, Killer Dolls, is a departure from spiritual realms, diving deep into terrorism and sexuality. This story revolves around Letti Noel, a lonely but successful dollmaker who has been targeted by foreign terrorists as a means to incite fear in America. Their plan is to plant deadly ricin in Letti’s dolls and have them kill innocent children all over the country. The FBI, in the form of hunky Taut Johnson, is sent in to get close to Letti and discover if she’s behind the ricin poisonings herself or merely a victim (if terrorists are using her dolls without her knowledge). Needless to say, romantic sparks begin to fly between Taut and Letti.

The story has some great chase scenes, some very steamy romance, and a decent plot. I wasn’t sure sometimes whether the story hadn’t been written as satire—or at least for comic effect—especially regarding some of the sex scenes. The structure of the chapters and some of the chapter titles that are plays on words contribute to a modern impertinence that 20-something readers will find appealing. And, the sex is ever present and well-written.

The change in writing style and tone that I see in Killer Dolls is due to the writing partnership Angelica Hart has formed with the mysterious Zi. They have produced eighteen books, ten of which are hot romances like this romance thriller, and they have won several Eppie awards for their efforts. Angelica Hart and Zi have two more titles that are expected next year. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this dynamic writing team.


Reviewed by:  MarthaE, Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf


This is a remarkably vibrant and fast paced romantic suspense! It is full of subtle and sassy innuendos that I have come to expect and enjoy from Angelica & Zi ‘s Tuesday Morning posts at J. Kaye’s Book Blog.

Letti is a wonderfully creative business woman. She has developed a unique line of dolls and I loved all the various descriptions of the dolls that are designed to suit the individual recipients. Suddenly the unique dolls start showing up with a deadly poison that could hurt the children or their loved ones who have ordered the dolls as gifts. Taut Johnson, FBI agent, goes in undercover to see if Letti is involved in the nefarious plot.

The book starts with a punch of evil from the bio-terrorist villains and an intense description of the first death. The writing is brisk and has its own irreverent and feisty style! Sometimes it had me smirking, others chuckling and there were parts where I was absolutely laughing out loud!! The story is heavy with sexuality, including some phone play, and some language is a bit rough and raw but it works well for the story.

I liked the short sub-chapters and the introductory phrases that clue you in to what will happen in the next section. There was an interesting shift in the story from the hunt for the terrorists to hot and heavy lovemaking! Then it slides back to terrorist action and an ironic ending!

I found the style of this book different from most of what I read. I enjoyed its unique “brassiness” and distinct humor. I would recommend this as a definite NEED to read for adults who don’t mind a little bit of raw language and who love catchy innuendos, a sound plot, fast action, and intense scenes.


Reviewed by: Keri Stratton Alley


Review excerpts ~


I loved the extensive vocabulary employed by the authors. It’s not often I get to read a romance novel with such an impressive vocabulary. There were occasional turns of phrases that verged on poetic. I genuinely liked the two main characters, Lettie and Taut, and their budding romance was an enjoyable diversion


...the sex scenes...were sizzling.