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Finally the pressure welled within burst forth. “Take me.”


Before she realized it, her pants were released, slid inches

down, panties shown. He slipped his hand into her pants, above the

silk, finding the erogenous nub that had never been touched. She

raised her hips inviting his invasion. He barely stroked it when she

tightened, arched, gasped and shattered into a kaleidoscope of

orgasmic release.


Her mouth gaped open, and they held each other’s gazes.  “What was that?” she whispered, knowing exactly what it was, not quite believing it.


He grinned. “Nothing compared to what it will be like next



“I think…” she began, swallowed, for his hand hadn’t changed position and her slacks were now somewhere around her thighs. She had moved them there, and instructed. “Again.”


He manipulated the place that pleased her.


She moaned under the pressure of release. “Again.”


He pinched.


She screamed and compressed her thighs about his hand.  “You move me.”


“As you do me.”


“I think I’m falling in love with you.”


He looked as if someone smacked him. His hand stilled.  “Don’t confuse lust with love.”


“I’m not.” She didn’t look totally convinced. Her brow wrinkled upward. Her gaze clouded with self-deprecation and disappointment. “I might never have felt these sensations before, but just ‘cause you are skilled at this doesn’t mean that is what attracts me to you. Don’t you understand, you breached my barriers because of the way I feel about you.”


“Just ‘cause the chemistry is right doesn’t mean there is love.”


Her flash to what he thought an unreasonable place was

mildly frightening. “I don’t believe that. No one can experience what

I’ve just experienced and not be falling in love.”


The statement smacked of such naivety that comprehension

throttled him. “Anya, you’re a virgin.”





Excerpt from Christmas Eve… Vil