Box: Angelica Hart and Zi
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seduction               deceit                honor                suspense           darkness                lust
ache             joy               forever                   love                 courage              struggles
            fantasy                                                                                                                                    Believe me I want you.....  to read ~ Zi    




However was the definitive demarcation.  It wrote a greater truth.  So however, this wasn’t just sex, it was making love, and he never wanted either of them to forget their first time together.  It wasn’t a backseat tumble or a quickie blow job, given just beyond the front door.  It was forever.  He knew and knew she knew, she would soon immerse herself in sharing loving sex.  Was it duty?  Yes, to the greater genuineness of who they were to each.


Rowe's Rule told that the odds were five to six that the light at the end of the tunnel was the headlights of an oncoming train.  What was their fate to be?  Glorious or gruesome?  Neither perceived any other outcome but the flight of a fancy breathtaking and life altering idolatry.  In retrospect of all the interaction between them, they both bent toward trusting and believing in this eventuality.  They couldn't allow themselves to think any differently.  It would alter the ironic fantasy that was once the rock-bottom fruitlessness of two shipwrecks, now, rescued by their current reality.


Frozen in between moments, his mouth lingered over hers, a tantalizing tormentor daring her to sample while at the same time his teal green eyes mesmerized, absorbing her as he drew her into the truth of him, the knight, the defender, the man who had been in her dreams forever, the ornery cad who’d make her wet with just a look, and wooing that would draw her into his soul and offer her his heart.  She strained to lift closer, to tempt him to give in to the meshing of lips.  Her mouth rose, just barely, still not quite connected as he retreated, teasing the glory of an everlasting, satisfying finale.


His moxie waned controlled by his own terms.  He was going to lead, blazing the path forward.  Why?  Bound to his soul was a strong and powerful vision of them.


Warm kisses feathered her brow, cheeks, and chin.  Slowly, gently, with muscular arms, he shifted her weight so he could lift her thick, cascading hair and press his lips to her neck.  Flicking his tongue along her pale-soft flesh, he kissed her softly, tasting traces of salty sweat and fragrant lavender soap. He savored her delightful feminine flavor then as if in a frenzy of need, he splattered her neck with nips and suckling.     "Sheeze," wistfully escaped on quivering breath.  The jitters of jackhammered sensations reverberated riddling every thought.  She rightfully shook as if this was her very first time.  And it was, with him.