Box: Angelica Hart and Zi
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seduction               deceit                honor                suspense           darkness                lust
ache             joy               forever                   love                 courage              struggles
            fantasy                                                                                                                                    Believe me I want you.....  to read ~ Zi    






When Cyndy Watkins', a lovely but lonely librarian, father passed away, the momentum of her life stilled.  Depression smothered her like a dark, choking fog.  He was the last person who loved her unconditionally, and the one she had lately given the least attention, granting guilt permission to lull her deeper into sadness. 


She worked.  She ate.  She slept.  Read trashy novels.  Mostly, she coveted... love.   Lena, a sexually flamboyant and dear friend nudged her toward a jumpstart in life, using the social internet.  Lena advised Cyndy to have plenty of good ole kinky one-nighters.  Cyndy wanted more.


Hence, three personalities appeared through the cyber world.  One provided wisdom, the other a long-held ache for romance, the final unearthed a dark sexual nature that she had kept buried.  All urged her to find her joie de vivre, while two pressed for a real world meet.  Then there was the real life hunky fellow employee, James, elusive, just out of reach, and finally the sadistic creeps who stalked her. 


Would Cyndy find her ever-after of joy and love, would she take Lena's advice, did she enjoy kinky, or would she succumb to the creeps' evil intentions?