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seduction               deceit                honor                suspense           darkness                lust
ache             joy               forever                   love                 courage              struggles
            fantasy                                                                                                                                    Believe me I want you.....  to read ~ Zi    




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The demeanor of most homes for the elderly was tinted blue, and that atrabilious gloomy nature can be infectious.   The skillful patter and prose of Lauren infused spirit where spirit seemed to have faded.  She was well-thought-of there and loved by many.  “Wally, grab Gert and that guy with the suspenders.”  She pointed, “They’ll be my first shot.”


“Hello, beautiful,” he said, noticing the man as Gert inserted her hand in Wally’s.  She burped and un-burped several times the bicycle horn on her wheelchair to garner his attention.   “You scared the sh…”  He stopped looking down at the scowling woman noticing her fine mustache.  “You Gert?”


She answered, “You gay?” Being far more sarcastic than serious.


He replied, “Damn straight I’m not.”


The two rolled over to the man with the wide red suspenders, Benny James Moore.  Wally devoured with his eyes, grinned and introduced himself.   “I’m Wally,” he said obviously flaming sexuality, winking as he moved his fingers over the inside of the bold, wide suspenders.  “And you’re yummy.  Nice color.  I’ve plans for you.  Come with me now, sweetie.”


“Nice to meet you, Wally.  They call me B. J. Moore.”


Wally turned and said, “I bet they do.”  The words not a wassail of appreciation but a flat-out naughty ribald comment.  The cat's paw that followed was the ruffles in calm waters.  "Damn, you make me..."  He stopped retreating back to his duty.  “You here, and you here,” Wally said, maneuvering Gert and her wheelchair in front of B. J.  Then, before he could finish even thinking through their positions, she reached back and grabbed the fireman’s suspenders, looking up at him and grinning with a mustachio aged-tooth smile.  B. J. instinctively clenched the chair’s handles steadying it and looked down at her with a mixture of concern, amusement and surprise.  Gert accidentally let go of the stretched suspenders and a loud thwack sounded.


He winced, and Lauren said, “Perfect! Do it again, Gert, but don’t let go this time.”