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             The death of Mash and the quelling of his rogue militia reverberated moon to moon about the planet of Ynthia casting both tones of satisfaction and dismay. There was an ideology riff that positioned every culture on the precipice of war, each differing though there were two common ideologs: the want for a peaceful coexistence and the struggle of desiring to occupy and rule. The passive cultures were not advocates of aggressions but would stand in its face.


             Some were rapier-rattlers, such as the eLapids, whereas others were hate mongers. The moon Panthera was the most feared and vile of all the cultures. Its Jaguarians were without a moral compass, taking whatever they wanted by any means.


             Amal and Adres had struck an alliance of bloodship with the wedding of Tiesa and A’kin. Both moons advocates of civil rest. Allies, they forced a moonwide truce, though a truce feared by many as only being temporary. It was a shaky time masked by feigned hopes and the cultural streams, punctuated by eddies of the slithering ambitions of certain forces. Uneasy was the current of this time.


             The Jaguarians under the new leadership of a sociopath ruler began the use of subversive tactics, clandestine insurgency, as well as intelligence gathering in preparation of that all-out assault. Spies were dispatched; action taken to strike alliances, and

lawless warfare was planned.


             Amal and Adres knew that they must avoid conflict by placing deterrence before the Jaguarians. A’kin, now the k’Dom of Amal with the abdication of Arcen, felt that a Coven of Cousinage, creating a kinship of the moons, was the strongest answer. As with him and Tiesa marrying thus uniting in common interest their cultures, he felt that other moons of like philosophy should join them and so bond. The Treatise of Ideal on the Coven of Cousinage

was sent under the protection of Royal Guard envoys to friendly monarchs for their review. A’kin awaited a reply.


             The caustic spit of Hades ran through the veins of many lands, they still in the primitive tertiary stages of evolution. Their sate was nothing short of being one hungry beast feasting upon the weak, lacking compassion and vision. Look for compassion and one would find an echo bouncing off cold and hollow walls. Looking for fairness in the eyes of a voracious animal would be an act of futility. Like thinkers to A’kin had to seriously respect the vicious possibilities of these races if not out and out fear them.


             This was a time when there were no walls to be built, only armies to be trained.


             There were no retreats for that incited the appetite of these beasts, their flesh- tearing fangs sharp and showing, mouths salivated for the taste of their enemy, and such predators gorged.


             This was a time for concern, unsettling concern. People of prattle were powerless. Action practiced; ruled.  Each new moon cycle edged the moon-cultures of Ynthia either closer to peace or outright annihilation

EXCERPT FROM THE Stag Nation: Love’s Tears

Angelica Hart and Zi 




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