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Excerpt from Stag Nation: A Vexed Heart

           It didn't take Arcen long to find the owner of that scream, but laughter followed the second explosion of sound.  Before him a fillie with a rippling mass of auburn curls and eyes that could haunt a man's dreams submerged herself below the stream's water.  He knew that stream well; fed by an underground river, it rivaled ice cap cold.  Astride his caribou, A'kin grinned, slowed his brush-tailed mount, taking slow steps toward the glistening water hole.  She rose, dripping from the water, laughter bubbling out of her with wanton delight.  The rest of her face was as lovely as her eyes, lips that encouraged ravishment, cheeks bright and flushed, a jaw firm enough to be noticed yet soft, feminine, a beauty bathed in morning's blush and glistening with water.  His eyes were riveted upon her.  Noticing him, she paused, uncertain easing through the water, toward her garments that littered a lilt-bud bush.  Being in chain mail alone, he could make out each curvaceous bit of her.  She seemed unconscious of her half-naked state as if he did not cause her shame with his almost ogle-like stares.  If anything, she seemed to find pleasure in being so awed.  Bodi up-jerked his head then reared as if showing off for A'kin.




           He looked at A'kin.  "Love is an epic thunder bolt."
           "One that struck me," A'kin responded.
           "My son, what would you give up in the name of love?
           "All that I hold honorable."
           "To honor love is honorable."
           Arcen turned to Tiesa, and similarly asked, "What would you give up in the name of love?"
           "My life."
           "That is a powerful love."
           Arcen turned to walk away.  Tiesa called to him, "My good and kind Arcen, what would you give up in the name of love?"

To find out the answer read ~ STAG NATION: A Vexed Heart 


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