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Tattle looked exhausted as she leaned back in the office chair, totally disheveled after spending the night in the office in front of the over-sized computer screen. "Wow!"

Spinning about in his office chair, Wrye pointed to the computer screen, having been part of the Love of Literature Leap night long read-a-thon. “That was a fantastic leap right into the depths of goose bumps and gasps."

“We certainly were lucky to have picked Cathy Coburn's suspense thriller WHEN THE DAM BREAKS as our first ever joint review on CBG’s blog.”

"Ready to share?"

"You bet!"

They settled on either side of a table laden with sweet edibles, tea and coffee.

Wrye took a mouthful of well-creamed coffee.  “Did you notice as the story unfolded we felt part of Kelly Martin's plight, an abused wife married to not just a serial killer but a police detective assigned to the killer's case.”

Tattle shivered.  “Down right creeeeepy!  Bob Martin is protected by his sterling reputation amongst his peers as well as his church, all who believe him an upright, kind, caring man, whereas Kelly believes all see her as a dowdy, mostly invisible wife.”

Wrye continued, “We followed Kelly into a spiraling darkness, empathizing with her against our own will, wanting her to speak out against her husband, yet understanding her fear of not being believed.”

“The loss of her beloved father at a young age, the separation from her arrogant mother and sister along with a magnetic yet envious relationship with her sultry cousin, Lisa, added to the turmoil of her battered life.”  Tattle sipped at her tea, nodding as if in agreement with herself.  “Not unlike a tornado, these relationships tear at her psyche, leaving gashes in her emotional stability as they destroy her filters, causing tumultuous reactions to various events, further unhinging her self-worth and solidity.”

“Yet, dadadadaaaa,” Wrye said with a crooked grin.  “All is not what it seems, and the black pit of Kelly’s world is about to explode!”

“Dare we say more?”

“We dare not except about the author.  Cathy Coburn’s writing style is much like that of a hypnotist.  We simply couldn’t look away.”  Biting into an éclair, he added, “We were drawn further and further into the plot, twirled about in the same vortex of the character's irrationality, driven to turn the page and to read faster and faster.  She hooked us on page one, and we barely breathed until the last page had been read.  Even after we finished, we felt haunted by the prose and the characters.”

“Cathy’s work is brilliant and imaginative.  Can’t wait to see more from this talented author.  If you want to read a thriller that takes you to the cliff’s edge and shoves you over for the literary rush of your life, then read Cathy Coburn's WHEN THE DAM BREAKS.