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Interview by Romance at Heart Magazine

Stag Nation:  A Vexed Heart

Angelica Hart and Zi 




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Hi Angelica, and hi Zi. Thank you for doing this interview. I would like to welcome you to the Romance at Heart Interview and Author Grilling session. *bg* We are interested to find out as much about you as we possibly can, so lets get started…


- Please tell us about your book.

A New Science-Fiction Fantasy Romantic Thriller
Published originally by New Concepts Publishing

War spills over the moons of Ynthia, a base world, simple and pure where good is good, evil is evil and heroes ride the mighty stag... proudly. The possibility of peace emerges in the hope of an alliance through marriage between Amal and Adras, the two strongest realms. Many oppose the marriage especially Mash, k'Dom of Thebe and his seer, Proph iCue. They instruct a squad of Panthera, cat-like assassins, to slay Tiesa, the rix of Adras, before the cooing between Tiesa and Arcen, k'Dom of Amal, can end in a proposal.

Nearly a son to Arcen, First Puissant A'kin would die for his k'Dom Arcen. Heart already wooed by Tiesa, though, he commands A'kin to protect Tiesa by seeking safety on the furthest, most isolated moons. A'kin would rather face a battalion of Panthera alone than resist the sensuous appeal of the temptestuous and spirited Tiesa, for she has also unwittingly claimed his heart.


- What can we expect from you in the future?

Angelica: What? Knowing us, obviously, something that will be poignant, sentimental and sensual.
Zi: Fantasy and romance.
An: Shall well share our sequel?
Zi: Absolutely. A’Kin and Tiesa have discovered the pleasure of now being the monarchs of their moon and each other’s hot bodies but Arcen, Tiesa’s original intended, who abdicated for love is in need of some…!
An: Some what?
Zi: Great question. Some adventure. Purpose for his existence and yes some naughtie-naughtie.
An: Some naughtie-naughtie?
Zi: Ok… ok… his appropriate and deserved quantity of it.
An: I adored the spirit and heart of Arcen… a hero… and nobleman.
Zi: A handsome virile older man… I relate.
An: I see… His love interest is perfect.
Zi: Safeaux is a monarch of the moon eCunnus and which possesses a culture of only women. The two had met when younger, found passion raced freely and quickly, were separated by duty and honor, now, hurled into a new moment of their shared possibilities.
An: And I get to write the naughtie-naughtie.
Zi: No me.
An: You promised.
Zi: Fine we will write their dance together… may I have this dance… and I get to lead.
An: Maybe!


- How do we find out about you and your books?

To find more out about the book go to:


- How may readers contact you?


- How many readers/fans contact you?

We have both been amply surprised that the number has exceeded either of our expectations, though, we have been able to return all of their generous queries.


- Do your fans' comments and letters influence you in any way?

Zi: Influence?
An: Be nice.
Zi: I am always nice… though in a run around the mulberry bush of nicey-nice way. Day one moment one when I sat down to write I wrote for the reader. Never for myself. I have faces, souls, spirits and images of them in my mind as I create. I challenged myself to make them feel what I thought the stories asked.
An: And then.
Zi: Ok… ok… and then I met you and discovered you made that desire so much easier… because you understood the rare beauty of entertaining… women… and pointed out I did it well… it was that moment with your pull toward great stories with passion and my crave to find the depth of people’s feelings that a partnership was smelted in the fires of ideas.
An: Waxing are we?
Zi: Waxing what?
An: Don’t go there.


- Do you have a favorite comment or question from a reader?

Zi: Yes… two.
An: Don’t go the place where they asked you about spanking.
Zi: Fine… then one.
An: What?
Zi: One woman asked both of us who won when we came to a point of conflict… remember?
An: Yes. Do think she was trying to get us into a fight?
Zi: You and I fight… that will never happen.
An: We fight all the time… what are you talking about?
Zi: We have never fought a day in our lives.
An: That’s right we have been celebrating in the victories of readers for the stories are our
gifts… what makes them better wins… never us.
Zi: Tennis anyone… 40-love.


- Why did you decide to write romance novels?

An: The feelings of love are universal… though attaining love has been an omni-present quest throughout time.
Zi: Feelings… emotions… struggles… fears… and craves have been the primal drive-engines of both man and women doing the thrust and parry of the fencing match of mating.
An: I believe in love.
Zi: And I believe anyone can find love… anyone… everyone… it is out their… grab it by the collar… and yell, “Stop… I know you could love me… try!”
An: I swear I could write a love story about a frog.
Zi: That’s easy… have you seen their tongues.
An: Ziiiiiiiii!!!!


- How would you describe the genre in which you do most of your writing?

Zi: Craving.
An: Hot.
Zi: Fluid.
An: Unpredictable.
Zi: Is there a ‘k’ or ‘t’ in that word?
An: Thrilling then.
Zi: I like the idea that the genre is a place to manipulate the heart… tug at tears… and tease the horny out of every toad.
An: A ‘t’.


- Do you have a target audience, and if so, who are they?

Zi: Target… where is the bull’s eye… let me think a moment… where would I like to shoot my…
An: Zi I know you better not go there.
Zi: I shall be good… because I am always good… real good… damn good… gooder then good… good to the square of infinity.
An: Ok. Enough. I shall answer for the both of us while you wallow in your pig sty of self-absorbed.
Zi: Ha ha… cute, cutie-two-shoes.
An: Forgive Zi something he obsesses to the point… well to the point he must be edited… our target audience is not a gender or age… no… but that collective that enjoys fresh easy stories that dance with heroes and sheroes… all tested by circumstance… stories bathing, sometimes literally, in love.
Zi: I give good hero love.
An: Done?
Zi: For now.


- What motivated you to start writing in this genre?

An: Late nights… a typewriter… and dreams of white knights with huge…
Zi: Huge what?
An: Huge capacities to please in oh so many ways.
Zi: For me… it was simply… pleasing… I wanted my story ideas to bring pleasure.
An: How?
Zi: Anyway they could… titillation… excitement… tears… fascination… more titillation… some more moans of… and then sate.
An: I need a fan.
Zi: You have plenty.
An: Wrong kind.
Zi: Funny… gotcha!


- Who would you say has influenced you the most?

Zi: Writing wise… Microsoft word.
An: I don’t think that was where the question was leading.
Zi: Your point… you remember when we used carbon paper and white-out… now, you use it on your computer screen to correct typos.
An: That was so funny I forgot to laugh.
Zi: You are right… I apologize… that was mean of me… you never make typos… ‘cause I do all the typing.
An: That’s not fair.
Zi: Have I hurt your feelings?
An: No.
Zi: Dag… failed again!
An: Meanie!
Zi: Enie… meanie… minie… mo… catch a writer by her toe… if she hollers… keep pulling!


- What are your main concerns as a writer?

Zi: Serious moment. I truly fear that I will fail my readers. Writing is a cathartic exercise but with the discipline of letting it be contained within boundaries of a good story.
An: I hear-hear you on that point. It is easy getting lost in writing for ourselves… using shorthand… and just missing that one simple fact… we write to entertain.
Zi: Serous over?
An: Over!


- How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

Zi: Guess?
An: That’s not how these interviews go.
Zi: Then you answer… little miss I-know-so-much-I-am-about-to-burst.
An: Fine… in all fairness… we are littered with imagination… and we both can flit in and out of characters… thinking within the context of what motivates them… but there is no denying that our collective life experience does tint our work… especially the simple fact you were a criminal and ex-motorcycle gang member.
Zi: Shhh!
An: Just teasing everyone.


- What would you say are the biggest challenges that you face?

An: Coffee.
Zi: Pushing twelve hours of work into seven hours of time.
An: Paper.
Zi: Ink.
An: Editing your jibberish.
Zi: At least I can spell gibberish.
An: I see… everyone like a little arse… no one likes a wise arse!


- How do you deal with these challenges?

An: Costco membership solves much.
Zi: The challenge of time… is what it is… we work hard every day… harder on week-ends and holidays… and when it gets down to close time on a book we double time.
An: Task-master… Mister whip-me-go-lightly… I need sleep!
Zi: Sleep… I have deleted it from our word find… work… work!
An: More coffee!


- When did you first think about writing and what prompted you to submit your first ms?

An: The loneliness of peach brandy mixed with my tea and a porn movie.
Zi: Cool.
An: Not in the least bit… I asked my selves is that all there is… they answered… I could do better… and did… color me ballsy… I knew I was good… so I just sent it off.
Zi: I have shivery gooseflesh hearing you tell that story for the seventy-third time.
An: Egg salad for lunch?
Zi: No bread… crackers!


- Generally, how long does it take you to write a book?

Zi: Both far too long and exactly as long as it takes.
An: Captain Obvious has arrived… all hail his boarding of our ship.
Zi: But it is the truth… I always complain it takes too long but refuse to rush through it.
An: I shall answer this one with this very simple answer… the exact place in time when he smiles at me and I smile right back and we simultaneously declare, “Done!”
Zi: We have been averaging 5-8 books per year… would have been the easy answer… but there is zero fun in that.


- Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?

Zi: Define ‘flow’.
An: We work… every day… it is our job… as for flow… and going with it… maybe… streams of thought… flow… sometimes out of control from you.
Zi: Are you saying I am a flood of imagination?
An: Ok… whatever works for you.


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