Box: Angelica Hart and Zi
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Stag Nation: A Vexed Heart

Angelica Hart and Zi

A romantic sci-fi/fantasy


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             War spills over the moons of Ynthia. The possibility of peace emerges in the hope of an alliance through marriage between Amal and Adras, the two strongest realms. Many oppose the marriage, especially Mash, k'Dom of Thebe and his seer, Proph iCue. They instruct a squad of Panthera, cat-like assassins, to slay Tiesa, the rix of Adras, before the cooing between Tiesa and Arcen, k'Dom of Amal, can end in a proposal.


           Nearly a son to Arcen, First Puissant A'kin would die for his k'Dom. Arcen, heart already wooed by Tiesa, though, commands A'kin to protect Tiesa by seeking safety on the furthest, most isolated moons. A'kin would rather face a battalion of Panthera alone than resist the sensuous appeal of the tempestuous and spirited Tiesa, for she has also unwittingly claimed his heart.